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The Iron Dragon Gate

Finca Güell (Barcelona)

Barcelona (Spain) is famous for the buildings of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. His cathedral La Sagrada Familia, which was never finished, is known all over the world. However, only few visitors pay attention to a small estate which he errected for his friend and patron Eusebi Güell in 1884-87.

Its entrance is secured by an iron gate consisting of a pattern of rectangular plates in its lower part surmounted by a dragon. This gate is five meters wide, but has only one wing! It is fixed to a single door-post approximately 10 meters high. Any conventional symmetrical gate of the same size would be oppressing. Not so the iron dragon. Dragon Gate, 24 kb

Dragon Mouth, 11 kb This creature with its mouth open showing sharp teeth should protect the gardens of the estate, just as a winged dragon protected the garden of three lovely nymphs in Greek mythology. Whenever you open the door the dragon will raise his leg and show his fearsome claws.

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