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Witches are a common motive in the drawings of Hans Baldung Grien, a german artist of the 16th century. They commonly were accused to have sexual intercourse with the devil. Hans Baldung depicted a more discreet scene. The devil is represented by a dragon, and flames from his mouth should symbolize the fire of voluptuousness. Grien
Hans Baldung genannt Grien

Junge Hexe mit Drache
(young witch and dragon)

from: HALBEY, M. (Ed.): 66 Hexen. Kult und Verdammung. - Die biliophilen Taschenbücher, 518 p., (Harenberg Kommunikation), Dortmund 1987.

quetzal Of course this mural (which I found in Mexico City on the wall of a building destroyed in the 1986 earthquake) does not represent a dragon. It shows Quetzalcoalt, the Plumed Serpent, god of life and death in Aztec and Toltec culture.

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An early two-legged, winged dragon from the book of snakes by Conrad Gesner (Zürich, 1589). Dragon 2 (Conrad Gesner), 4 kb
Dragon, 7 kb During the 17th and 18th century the first "museums" (or better: collections of curiosities) were established. They often contained "dragons", compiled from all sorts of animals. You might think that the curators have been fooled. Wrong ! They were quite aware that these "animals" were man-made. But scientists considered it possible that dragons might live somewhere in a remote place. And so they collected those artefacts as examples of yet unknown but perhaps real creatures.
Another dragon (or rather a flying serpent) from the book of snakes by Conrad Gesner (Zürich, 1589). Dragon 1 (Conrad Gesner), 4 kb

Dragon (Münster), 5 kb
Here be Dragons !
What are dragons? Where do they come from? What is their history?

Verein zur Förderung der Drachenforschung
A society for dragon research.

Der Drachenstich zu Furth im Wald
The historic play "Drachenstich" (= slaying of the dragon) is the oldest folk play in Germany.

Dragons - Drachen. Drachen in der Mythologie, in Legenden und Märchen, in der Kunst
Dragons in mythology and art.

Geldern - die Drachenstadt
Similar to Klagenfurt the German town Geldern occupies the site of a former swampland inhabited by a dragon.

Draconic Research Alliance for Gainful Observations also Non-lucrative Society.
Biological description and physiology of dragons.

The Quedlinburg Unicorn, 15 kb
The Unicorn Web Page
Bored of dragons? Have a look at some unicorns!

uroboros, 5 kb
The ouroboros
A serpent biting its tail - symbol of eternity.

Legends and myths from Austria (in German).

Vorarlberger Naturschau
The place where I am working!

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